Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Colliery Dam Park 2014 Calendars —
The Perfect Gift for Friends and Family

Our Colliery Dam Park Calendars would make the perfect gift for friends and family while supporting our efforts to keep our dams.  It is a meaningful reminder, throughout the coming year, of all that we have been fighting for.  Our community has been amazingly supportive, and continues to be, and now that we have a technical committee working on solutions, we are closer than ever. 

Please consider buying a calendar which not only will remind us of how important this park is, but of a community that stood up and said “No”.  It can be something we hand down to our grandchildren and tell them the story.

Only $20 ($15 for those with a slight imperfection).

Buy 5 and receive one free (get together with friends and buy together) This will be our last order for 2014, but we still have lots in stock.   This is a big fundraiser for our Society, so we are hoping you will consider buying a calendar.  You can purchase from us by phoning 250 753 0554.  If you would like to help sell we can arrange that too.

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