Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Important Notice for the Harewood Community

Wednesday, January 15th at 10:30am 
the City will be conducting an emergency test in the Harewood area. 

People who live in the inundation area, who previously have been contacted, will receive a phone call regarding the test. The siren will be sounded at full volume for 3 minutes and John Barsby students and staff will participate in an evacuation drill. This will be very loud and there will likely be people living outside the inundation zone unaware of what it is for. If you think there are people you know living in the area who might not be aware please take time to inform them. If you find it particularly upsetting you may want to make plans to be away from the area at that time.

We are asking for the siren to only be sounded for 60 seconds as we think this would be an appropriate amount of time for a test but as yet have not received an answer. This is a City decision and if you have any comments or feedback I would ask you to direct it to them.

The technical committee is working toward a remediation plan that will take away the necessity for the siren testing for the dams. Our hope is that eventually it can be used as part of an overall emergency alert system for our area.

Although the City was required to develop an emergency plan, and it is good to be prepared in the case of an emergency, it is also important to keep in mind that the City engineer told us last winter that the dams are stable in their current condition. It is the classification that has changed. The condition of the dams is the same. Engineers have stated that the dams have shown ‘no apparent’ deterioration since being upgraded in 1980. They have withstood flood and seismic events for over 100 years. The major change is the Dam Safety standards, with more stringent requirements.

Again, if you know someone that you think might be unduly concerned with the test please give them this information.

We appreciate your patience and any assistance you can offer at this time.

Roblyn Hunter

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  1. This is the puny way that people in Harewood get punished for going against City Council and the Mayor.# minutes is ridiculous.