Monday, June 30, 2014

Colliery Dam Park Preservation Society Temporarily Withdraws from the Technical Committee

It has become increasingly clear over the last few months that that the technical committee is not being directed by the goals of least invasive and cost effective measures for dam remediation.  Our questions are no longer adequately answered and our input disregarded.   We cannot support the current process which we do not feel is credible.
Although a comprehensive analysis has determined that our dams are in good condition and pose little risk to the community, the City is unwilling to step away from their entrenched position.  They have refused to retract their emergency message and take down inappropriate signage. Initially they had stated that the major concern was an earthquake.  This has proven untrue.  Now they are stating that we must remain on emergency status because of a hypothetical storm event.  This type of fear-mongering does not lead to appropriate and practical decisions and has nothing to do with promoting safety. Furthermore, City of Nanaimo also continues to pursue remediation measures in excess of what may be required with corresponding excessive costs.
CDPPS have acted as representatives from the community which has not yet been fully engaged according to the mandate of the Technical Committee. The lack of transparency with this process has long been a major issue of concern. The public have not had an opportunity to partake in this process and have a real say in planning. The Public (via Colliery Dam Park Preservation Society) has been given token representation at the Committee level with no actual authority in the decision making process.  There is no consensus regarding the options that are being considered which have dramatic cost and impact factors. Nor is there sufficient allowance for other, potentially more appropriate options. To date there has been absolutely no information volunteered to the public at large with respect to options or related costs. This is not acceptable. This is our community’s public park and these are our tax dollars at stake.
Colliery Dam Park Preservation Society has stated that:
 there is no urgency in making any decision regarding the park immediately as the risk has been qualified and it is minimal
 that all documents from engineering consultant Golder and minutes from meetings be released for public consumption.
 that current options which are being considered and related costs be made public
 that the technical committee re-convene in a month’s time to review and plan accordingly.

For Contact:
Jeff Solomon
CDPPS  250 753-0554

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