Sunday, October 12, 2014

Update from Jeff Solomon

I realize that things have been quiet on the dam front and I would like to give you an update.
Council, in September, agreed to have CDPPS approve the scope of work required for a study on how the dams would react in a flood event. We are requesting the study to determine if the dam wall would withstand the never before flood event predicted to happen sometime in the next 50,000 years. The next step, if there is a question regarding how the wall would respond would be to explore how the berm on the back side of the dam would react (erosion) and how it would support the wall in this event. Basic questions that have never been answered.
We were to meet with the engineer on Thursday October 9 but it was delayed. We are now on hold until next week and will probably go back to council on Oct. 27.
The City staff have removed some flood signs but are refusing to take them all down as we had insisted. (The risk assessment document states that no one is expected to die in a 1,000 year storm event.)
Please pay attention to the upcoming election.
I have been asked many times if I am running for council and I have declined. I could not really advocate for the park if I sat on council. City councilors are also required to attend many meetings and read huge numbers of documents, neither of which I am a fan of. I am, however, committing to running for the School Board as I think that I can fulfill the requirements of the job. I especially would like to support the Cedar community as I believe the facilities plan was very poorly thought out and a huge loss for the community.
Progressive Nanaimo
I also am a founding member of Progressive Nanaimo; supporting positive change in our City’s governance. Progressive Nanaimo is holding its second NEW Candidates meeting, scheduled for Oct. 14 at 6:30 at Beban Park. A third meeting will be held on Oct. 23 at 6:30 at Bowen Park. Both these meetings will give the public a better idea of who the new candidates are. Please attend one or both if you can. An informed voter is a responsible voter.
We have learned a lot about City Hall in our 2 years fighting for our dams. This is our opportunity to make good choices on election day.
Also please check out the Progressive Nanaimo facebook site for information about the new candidates and events being held. Should be very a interesting time over the next month for both the park and the election. Will keep people posted as events unfold..
Also don’t forget
Dam Zombie Halloween Party
at the Lower Dam.
All are welcome. Sat. Oct. 25 at 5:30.
October 14, 2014 - Beban Park 6:30 New Candidates meeting.
October 23, 2014 - Bowen Park 6:30 Second New Candidates meeting.
October 25, 2014 - Lower Colliery Dam – Dam Zombie Party

Thank you for your ongoing support for our park.
Jeff Solomon